Winter Living Hacks

We’re in the middle of Winter now, so we wanted to share a few hacks to help you survive the colder months!

  • Reverse your ceiling fans to drive the warm air to the floor – keep them on the low speed
  • Take advantage of the warm sunlight by keeping curtains and blinds open all day, then closing them at night.
  • If you have wet shoes and boots after being outside, stuff them with newspaper to absorb the moisture and avoid mould
  • Prevent drafts under doors with door snakes or foam cut outs
  • Electric blankets are generally cheaper to run than a heater, so use an electric blanket to keep warm, rather than heating a whole room
  • Use the oven for cooking more, and as a bonus, it will help heat your kitchen!
  • Keep blankets in your living area so your family or guest can always use them to keep warm, rather than running a heater
  • Get out in the sunlight – it will improve your mood, help your body produce more vitamin D and make you feel so much more warm and vibrant in the middle of Winter!

This article is for general informational purposes only and must not be taken as legal, financial or any other professional advice.   We recommend obtaining advice specific to your situation before making decisions relating to your investment property and financial position.

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